The FIVE55 Series is an exciting multi-sport event that consists of a swim followed by a run which is why it's more affectionately known as a splash and dash. We are proud to say that we've produced the premier splash and dash in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.

The FIVE55 Series has been specifically developed to accommodate a wide variety of athletes across all ages and skill levels. Our flagship event and standard distance consists of a 500m Swim + 5k Run, ideal for the competitors who prefer to race short and fast. Our advanced option has an increased swim distance of 1600m while the run remains at 5k, this event is perfect for if you are training for Olympic distance triathlons. Over the years, we had lots of inquiries from people who only wanted to participate in the swim portion so we added a swim-only event that allows the participant to choose from our two distances of 500m and 1600m. This year, we've gone a step further and added an elite swim distance of 2.4 miles for those athletes that are really looking to challenge themselves. We've also added a brand new event this year called the Junior Elite run, consisting of a 500m swim and an abbreviated 1.5 mile run to accommodate our youth athletes.

If you can't tell already, this is a great event for everyone! We encourage our competitors to bring friends and family to cheer the racers on and hang out afterwards. We always fire up the grill so be sure to stick around for hot dogs and beverages, also feel free to bring your own food and use the grill. Our friends over at Miller64 even provide us with adult beverages for those who like to finish off a 5k with cold beer!

The 2016 FIVE55 Series is going to be our most exciting year to date, with small prizes after every event and huge prizes given out on a participation basis at the end of each 2-month period (April+May, June+July, August+September) you're bound to go home with something great.